Call For Abstract


Abstracts will be reviewed by reviewer board of the Scientific Committee. Three best abstracts will be selected for
oral presentation and awarded as the best abstract at the last session of the conference and the rest will be
presented as poster presentation.

Presenting author selected for oral presentation will be notified by email.


Abstracts must be original. Abstracts that have been presented before in other meetings can be submitted but should be mentioned about it.

The presenting author should register at the conference.

The presenting author is required to ensure that all co-authors are aware of the content of the abstract before submission

Guide To Abstract Submission

Written Language: English

Abstract Submission Address: Abstract must be submitted online by email through the secretariat address:

Abstract Submission Deadline: September 5th, 2019

Presenting Author Contact details: Please provide contact e-mail; phone number; Postal Address.

Information about Conflict of interest need to be disclosed for all authors involved in the abstract. If there
is no COI, state such as “No Conflicts of Interest related to this abstract”. For oral presenters, prepare one slide
in the beginning of presentation slide to show COI declaration. For poster presenters, include COI information around
the top of the poster.

Potential COI may include, but not limited to, follows:

Support to your study from third party (grant, research materials etc.)

Financial relationship with third party, that may not be directly related to, but may influence the study
(honoraria, consultancy fee, employment etc.)

Intellectual properties related to the study (copyrights, patent, royalties etc.)

Any other relationship that may be perceived to influence the study

Abstract Category: Select from the followings:

Red Cell Disorders

Haematologic Malignancies

Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Transfusion and Transplantation

Infection in Haematology and Transplant Patients



Maximum 25 words


Presenting author will be printed as the first author (underline the name of the presenting author) followed by

Name: Full first name, middle name followed by last name (in upper and lower case) (Eg. Aye Aye Gyi)

Use numerical to refer corresponding affiliations


Department, Institution/hospital, City, State, Country (Do not include degrees or professional
designations (i.e., Prof., Ph.D., MD. etc.).

List with numbers


Maximum 300 words (The word counts do not include the abstract title, author names and affiliations.
Mention word count at the end).

Font type is Arial size 10.

Begin body text without indenting. Text must be single-spaced and justified

Abbreviations should be defined on first usage

Numbers are expressed as numerical.

Tables or figures or references should not be included unless they are essential.

Numbers containing more than 3 digits should have a comma, i.e. 3,000.

Disease names should be written without apostrophes, i.e. Hodgkin lymphoma, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, Burkitt
lymphoma, etc.

Only generic names of the drugs should be uses.

ABSTRACT CONTENT: must include:





KEY WORDS: Please give 3-4 words that reflect the study

Detail information for poster or oral presentation will be sent to the presenting author by email.

Secretariat of the 7th Conference of Myanmar Society of Haematology: Email: